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UltraBiking Sardinia 790
The Ultra Biking Sardinia is inspired by the world of epic cycling of the early 900 so well told by the pen of Albert Londres in the book "Tour de France, Tour the souffrance"; a cycling characterized by long distances, traveled by day as at night, a cycling that did not stop in front of extreme weather conditions where every stage was a great adventure!! Participating in the UBS 790 means going back in time, abandoning the certainties of everyday life, immersing yourself in nature, confronting your limits and discovering new depths within yourself. We welcome you to the world of Ultrabiking !!
You will be the protagonist of an incredible experience of distance, alone or in pair, in unsupported mode (no assistance for food, repairs, orientation) pedal by day and, if you will decide, at night through a territory full of surprises running across coastal roads and the wild mountain territories of Barbagia and Gennargentu. Whether you choose to live this experience trying to achieve your best performance or you want to enjoy every moment as in a trip planning refreshments and night breaks, the UBS 790 will allow you to find your own dimension.
The story of your race
The challange starts in Alghero, a wonderful tourist town overlooking the Riviera del Corallo, and continues towards Bosa along one of the most beautiful scenic roads in the Mediterranean. After almost 50 km of breathtaking views for our Dreamers it will be time to leave the sea and head towards the center of the island: here is the Barbagia and the Gennargentu massif. This area, characterized by one of the lowest density of inhabitants in Europe, preserves a wide variety of natural beauties.
After crossing the Supramonte plateau crossing the Genna Silana pass at an altitude of 1010m, the descent towards the east coast and the village of Cala Gonone, home of the first Time Station at Hotel Bue Marino, begins for some the possibility of using the facilities to plan a night break, for others only a short break before continuing the adventure.
After facing the climb that leads to Passo Littu, renamed "Inferno Blu", you go back to cycling following the Orientale Sarda to S. Teodoro. Now we head towards Gallura: the kilometers run through small villages: Padru, Monti, Telti, Berchidda up to Tempio Pausania. Once again we are surprised by the beauty of the sea: we are on the north coast and soon we reach the fortified town of Castelsardo. Time Station 2 at Hotel Residence Ampurias Lu Bagnu awaits our athletes for a short stop before going first towards the gentle slopes of the Anglona and then the climbs of Logudoro. After crossing the town of Ozieri here is the Bidighinzu before facing the last climb that leads us to Villanova Monteleone at over 600m altitude. Now it’s just downhill, the road offers a wonderful view of the Gulf, in the distance Alghero, the feat is much effort, how much sweat, how much happiness! The eyes become moist, the tension’s the are Finisher...UltraBiking Sardinia 2024.
During the event there will be photographers and videomakers who will tell through images and videos your adventure: you will be the protagonist along with the other Dreamers of the narration of this first edition of Ultrabiking Sardinia.
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