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edition 2023

The UltraBiking Sardinia 790, shortened to follow UBS 790, is a non-stop Ultracycling event that will take place in unsupported bikepacking mode (without assistance) with a length of approximately 790km, a total elevation of 14000 meters and a time limit of 60 hours. ; all those registered for the event unreservedly accept these Regulations in all their articles.
The organizing committee, hereinafter abbreviated O.C, reserves the right to modify this regulation at any time in order to improve the safety aspects of the Event. The changes will be presented during the pre-race briefing.

Art. 1 - Participation requirements
All persons (women and men) of any nationality who meet the following requirements are admitted to UBS 790:
• be over 18 at the time of enrollment;
• be in possession of a valid sports medical certification less then one year indicating "no medical contraindication to the practice of bicycle agonistic competition";
• ONLY for foreign athletes: be in possession of personal insurance proof covering the partecipant in the Event of accident and possible repatriation cost (if you need insurance click here);
• have taken part in endurance sporting events or have gained similar personal sports experiences (distance/daily difference in elevation), to be presented through the sports curriculum at the time of registration.

Art. 2 - Skills required
2.a Excellent physical condition
UBS 790 is a  Event of endurance that requires excellent physical preparation. The participant must be able to pedal in complete unsupported mode over very long distances, tackling both day and night a path characterized by a challenging altitude difference. The average daily distance can be quantified in 320 km to be repeated for a total of 2 and a half days (60h).

2.b Excellent autonomy capabilities
In order to face an event such as UBS 790, the participant must be fully aware of the extreme length and difficulty of the Event and for this reason he must have acquired, before the race takes place, a real capacity for personal autonomy that allows him to manage, without external aid, the problems that distinguish this type of event.
In particular, the participant must:
• be able to face extreme climatic conditions, which can be very difficult or even dangerous, such as heat, wind, cold, fog, rain, storms etc.;
• be able to manage, even alone, physical and mental problems resulting from fatigue, digestive problems, muscle or joint pain, injuries etc.;
• be able to repair, on his own, any technical problems that may occur on a bicycle;
• be able to take in food and water according to the needs of the body.

Art. 3 - Registration
UBS 790 is an event reserved for Ultra Biking Sardinia Asd members: those who are not registered will become one at the time of registration. The membership activates the insurance coverage (MSP cycling) for the entire duration of the Event.
Registration must be made through the dedicated page of the site by completing the form and attaching an accounting copy of the payment transfer. Registration must be completed no later than 31 August 2023 by presenting ALL the required documents (competitive medical certificate, insurance / only for foreign athletes): in case of failure to present the documentation by the indicated date, the registration and the loss of the fee paid.
Participants in the COUPLE category must fill in two forms (one for each athlete) but only one person must make the payment, indicating the names of the members of the couple in the reason for payment.
The maximum number of admitted participants is 80 registered: for organizational reasons, registrations will close when the maximum number is reached and in any case no later than 31 August 2023.
Once the registration has been made with the payment, the registration fee paid will not be refunded for any reason. Cancellations are not accepted: by submitting a written request via email to the O.C. the athlete may request to transfer the registration fee to the next edition (this opportunity is valid only once).
The Event will take place in all weather conditions. In case of suspension due to alerts / weather or emergencies ordered by Entities not dependent on the Organization, the registration fees cannot be refunded but will remain valid for the following year. At the time of the pre-race briefing, athletes must present an authentic copy of the following documents: medical certificate and ASD card (photocopies are not accepted). It is not allowed to partecipate with Ebike.

Art. 4 - Categories and costs
SOLO and COUPLE categories are allowed in unsupported bikepacking mode
SOLO unsupported  -
€ 249,00 registration completed within 30/06/23;
€ 289,00 registration completed after 30/06/23;
PAIR Unsupported
€ 449,00  registration completed within 30/06/23;
€ 489,00 registration completed after 30/06/23;

Art. 5 - Departure and time limits
The UBS 790 will depart from Alghero on Friday 13 October at 06.00. The time limit for the completion of the Event is 60 hours. All services on arrival will be guaranteed until 08.00 pm on Sunday 15 October. In case of a participant abandons the challange, he will be considered DNF (did not finish). In case of  a participant fails to complete the challange within the time limit, it will be considered OMT (out maximum time).
Note: for the Couple category, if one member withdraws, the other member can continue the sport event: he will be able to receive the finisher medal but will not be included in the list of times.

Art. 6 -Drafting
The basic rule, fundamental, of ultracycling is simple: DRAFTING IS FORBIDDEN !!
It is not allowed, for any reason, drafting or to proceed alongside another participant on the flat as uphill. The minimum distance between one ultracycler and another is 50 meters. The ultracycler that is overtaken must necessarily slow down and let itself slip up to the distance indicated. Otherwise the participants in pairs can / must stay in the wake. All participants must travel to the right of the white line whenever possible.

Art. 7 - Unsupported mode ( without external assistance)
Any kind of support is forbidden: each participant must be completely autonomous in carrying out the Event. Total autonmy (unsupporet mode) is defined as the ability to be self-sufficient during the entire duration of the sport Event both for the food aspects and for those inherent to the transport of equipment (clothing / spare parts). The unsupported mode requires the ability to be able to manage all the problems that may occur during the Event such as adverse weather conditions, injuries, management of physical and mental problems, geographical orientation difficulties.
The unsupported mode requires compliance with the following mandatory rules:
• the participant must always have all the mandatory equipment with him for the entire duration of the event (see safety kit art. 11). This equipment, which must be carried in its own bikepacking bags, will be checked at the start of the race and cannot be changed during the event. At any time, the O.C. will be able to check the bikepacking bags and verify their contents. The participant is obliged to undergo these routine checks, under penalty of exclusion from the Event;
• No type of accompaniment or assistance is allowed along the route and the presence of cars that support the participant through the transport of food and equipment necessary to complete the route is strictly forbidden. Any meeting with supporters anf family menbers can only take place within the Time Station.
• The participant can buy food (solid and liquid) and equipment from any commercial facilities (shops, restaurants, bars) that he physically encounters along the way.
• The participant can sleep in accommodation facilities (hotels, B&B, campsites, etc.), even previously booked, or he can be hosted by local people he met during the Event or he can organize a bivouac.

Art. 8 - Track and navigation
All partecipant will receive the definitive gpx track of the route by email 15 days before departure. Participants will have to upload the official track on their personal GPS device and, during the event, they will have to follow the entire route without making any cuts. If the ultracycler, during the race, were to leave the track (by mistake, to feed himself, to sleep, to solve mechanical problems) he will have to re-enter it from the exact point where the off-course occurred, always pedaling by bike. In the event that, along the route, an unexpected event should occur (work in progress, accident, village festivals, emergencies related to unfavorable weather conditions) that prevents the continuation of the official track, the participant must inform the O.C. which will authorize an alternative route. If the ultracycler is unable to communicate with the O.C due to problems such as no telephone network or busy line, the same can evaluate an alternative, which will be examined by the O.C. as soon as possible.

Art. 9 - GPS Tracker
The GPS tracker, mandatory, will be delivered during the pre-race briefing: there is a deposit of € 100.00 which will be returned at the end of the Event. The device has the purpose of recording the entire route and allowing you to follow the participants adventure on the dedicated portal. In case of non-tracking, the O.C. may decide at any time, subject to a previous warning, the disqualification of the participant from the Event.

Art. 10 - Safety
UBS 790 takes place on paved roads and the entire route will always be open to traffic: for this reason, compliance with the Highway Code is mandatory in all circumstances.
Participants acknowledge that the route is not signposted, that they travel at their own risk and that they must be considered as a free personal excursion with no more rights than other road users.
The use of a protective helmet is mandatory. In any case of poor visibility (tunnel, fog, pedaling after sunset) and during night time (from 06.30 pm to 07.30 am) the bicycle must be equipped as per the Highway Code and the ultracycler must wear high visibility clothing (vest or reflective suspenders). Participants are also aware that there is no health, food and mechanical assistance service provided by the organizers along the route; likewise, there is no recovery service for withdrawn people.
The O.C. remember that in case of extreme tiredness the participant will have to stop and rest. It reserves the right to monitor the participant's state of fatigue and to impose a parking obligation. The duration of the stop will be determined at the discretion of the O.C.

Art. 11 Mandatory safety kit
To participate in the UBS 790, each participant is required to have the following safety equipment with them for the duration of their adventure in order to be able to handle emergency situations.
• Personal GPS with track of the route;
• TRACKER GPS locator provided by the organization;
• reflective vest to be worn at night time (from 06.30 pm to 07.30 am) or in case of poor visibility;
• approved helmet to always wear;
• n1 front light white;
n2 red rear lights;
• front light on helmet;
• auxiliary battery or power bank for the mobile phone and for personal GPS and lights recharging (minimum 15000 mAh);
• reflective stickers on each side of the wheels, on each pedal or on the back of each shoes;
• jacket rain resistent (goretex);
warm protection (leg and arm warmers);
• winter underwear;
• winter gloves;
• survival blanket;
• cell phone;
• bicycle pump;
• inner tube repair kit (patch + glue + tire remover);
• 2x inner tube;
• 2x 750 ml bidons;
• Identity card or passport;
• Cash 50 euros;

• anti-inflammatory tablets (Voltaren);
• credit card.
• anti-rubbing cream;
• sunscreen;
transparent lens sunglasses for night time;
cleaning wipes.

The O.C. during the pre-race operations he will carry out a careful check of the safety kit: the competitor with his signature acknowledges that all the checks have been carried out rigorously and undertakes to always have all the material with him.
The O.C. requires each athlete to have their mobile phone always in a good state of charge, both to be able to receive communications and for personal safety reasons.

Art. 12 - Check point: rules and cut off
There are two Time Station respectively in Cala Gonone at km 270 and in Lu Bagnu at km 555.
It is mandatory to stop at the Time Stations to sign the "athletes passage" register and have the UBS 790 Brevet Card stamped by the members of the organization.
We have planned two cut-off points: the ultracyclers must pass through the checkpoints within the following times in order to continue the race.
T.S. 1 Cala Gonone within + 19h from the departure
T.S. 2 Lu Bagnu within + 42h of departure
Failure to transit will result in exclusion from the race cataloged as OMT (out of time limit).
NOTE: The locations of the check points and time of cut off will be confirmed 15 days before the start of the Event.

Art.13 - Withdrawal
In the event that the participant decides to withdraw from the event, he must promptly notify the O.C. by phone ++393472227513. There is no recovery service for those withdrawn who are personally responsible for organizing their return to Alghero. Once returned, it is mandatory to return the GPS tracker.

Art. 14 - Awards
The UBS 790 is a personal challenge against time, not against the other participants and for this reason there are no prizes and the reward (represented by the finisher's medal) will be the priceless satisfaction of having made it. During registration all participants will receive an Event package while those who finish the Ride within the maximum time of 60h will receive the Finisher medal and an iced Ichnusa beer to drink together to celebrate the crowning of a great adventure !! At the end of the Event, a list with the official times of each Finisher will be communicated. In addition the finishers' name will be published on th e dedicated page on th eofficial website of the event.

Art. 15 - Respect
Respect yourself by evaluating your psycho-physical resources, respect the other participants by following the rules with honesty, respect Nature leaving no trace of your passage, respect all the staff who make possible the realization of your Dream !! Respect is a basic element of our Event and should be a value of each participant: the UBS 790 is not a traditional event but represents a challenge aimed at improving one's person. It represents a great adventure, a journey during which there are no opponents but simply personal limits to explore! We believe in it ... we are sure that all participants will embrace our philosophy.

Art.16 - Penalties and Disqualification
Since the length of the route makes it impossible to constantly check compliance with the regulations at all times, it is clear that the correct conduct of the Event is based on the principle of honesty and self-discipline of the individual participants.
During the entire duration of the Event, the vehicles of the O.C. will be present on the route, day and night, who will verify the behavior of the participants by sanctioning any infringement committed to art. of these Regulations with penalty or disqualification.
The penalty can be issued following:
• Unauthorized Draft;
• Front or rear light missing during night time or in poor visibility conditions;
• Failure to use reflective vest during night time or in poor visibility conditions;
• Participant number not visible;
• Failure to respect local rules (Traffic Regulation);
• Navigation mistake with its short section out of route.

1st penalty: 30 minutes increase in the time count

Violations of the rules below will result in immediate disqualification:
• Prohibited assistance;
• Absence of the mandatory safety kit as per Art. 11;
• Refusal to allow the control of bikepacking bags;
• Refusal to obey the Organizer's instructions;
• Missed check point;
• Consumption of alcohol by the cyclist;
• Possession of doping substances;
• Refusal to make a sleep stop when ordered by a match official;
• Disrespect (organizer, partecipant, third part)
• Behaviors that put the Manifestation in a bad light;
• The issuance of two penalties.
The O.C reserves the right not to accept the registration of the disqualified athlete in subsequent editions.

Art.17 - Responsability and acceptance of risks
UBS 790 members participate in the event under their own responsibility and at their own risk. During the registration phase, each participant must sign and submit the "event risk knowledge and acceptance" form which indemnifies the C.O. and all the support staff from any legal claim therefore, the participant renounces any recourse against the Asd. organizer.
The C.O. is not responsible for any type of accident that may affect the participants equally for the damage or loss of material of the same.
Insurance coverage (for accidents, illness, theft, civil liability) is the sole responsibility of each member. The participant therefore relieves the organizing ASD from responsibility for accidents that could occur before and during the course of the event to himself and to third parties.
The participant accepts without reservation and irrevocably - as a result of his registration - all risks of the Event, including but not limited to:
• the risk of a road accident;
• the risk of injury in the event of a fall;
• the risk of muscle or joint injuries;
• the risk of trauma and fractures including head fracture;
• the risk of digestive disorders, dehydration;
• the risk of physical assault;
• the risk of robbery;
• the risk of animal attacks;
• the risk of disease.

All of this can lead to total or partial, temporary or permanent disability or death.
The acceptance of this article is an essential element for participation in UltraBiking Sardinia and for the validation by the organizer of the participant's registration.

Art. 18 - Treatment of personal data and use of images
Participation in the Event involves the processing of the personal data of the participants for the purposes and in the manner described in the Organizer's Privacy Policy. The data controller is the organizer UltraBiking Sardinia Asd. By registering for Event, the participant confirms that he has carefully read the Organizer's Privacy Policy. The methods of carrying out the Event provide for the creation of video-photographic footage in order to document the Event. The video-photographic footage will affect all participants indifferently and can be published and made available on the platform on the UltraBiking Sardinia website and social pages. The participant acknowledges and accepts that, in consideration of the public nature of the Event, the object of the dissemination and marketing services of the video-photographic recordings of the Event as well as the impossibility of selectively limiting the video-photographic recordings, to register and to participate in the UBS790 Event, it is necessary to authorize the filming and use of one's image in the manner and for the purposes indicated in these Regulations, as well as in the Disclaimer and in the Privacy Notice.

Art. 19 - Processing and registration of personal data
The processing and registration of personal data will be carried out by the following company:
UltraBiking Sardinia Asd  07041 Alghero (SS), Italia     C.F. 92170290909
The personal data of all participants will be processed and recorded in accordance with the provisions of the consolidated text on privacy no. 196 of 30/06/2003 and the European Union Privacy Regulation 2017/679 (GDPR / 18).

Art. 20 - Final declarations
Each participant by registering with UBS 790
• to have read, understood and approved this Regulation and to accept all its parts;
• to have carefully read the description of the Event on the official website, to have studied the route, analyzed the Elevation and to have understood that the UBS 790 event is an individual endurance challange with a high psychophysical commitment;
• to be fully aware of the risks for their personal safety that the condition of total self-sufficiency (modality without external support) can reserve for participants;
• to be fully aware of the risks that can be caused by night driving, physical and mental fatigue, the possible presence of animals on the route, any adverse weather conditions, possible orientation problems as well as potential illnesses and injuries;
• to be fully aware of the possibility of facing extreme and hostile climatic conditions (storms, rain, heat, wind, cold), particularly in the mountain sectors, and that my safety depends solely on my personal ability to adapt to the problems encountered;
• to be fully aware and to assume the risk of the possibility of finding myself injured and/or incapacitated in a place where it may not be possible to activate medical assistance in a timely manner to avoid physical damage, even fatal;
• to have carefully assessed, before proceeding with the registration, to possess psycho-physical skills and a wealth of experience that allow me to take part in an endurance event characterized by the modality without support;
• to be aware that unexpected events may occur along the route such as: landslides, wind, rain, hail, lightning, fog, snow, ice, landslides, encounters with unattended and/or wild animals, falls, accidental collisions with other participants, with people in transit and/or with vehicles;
• to be aware that the route is not signposted, that you travel at your own risk and that you must consider yourself on a free personal excursion without any more rights than other users of the road;
• to be aware that, along the way, there is no health, food and mechanical assistance service from the Organization;
• to be physically trained to ride many hours on a bicycle without stopping and in complete self-sufficiency (unsupported mode);
• to have gained experience in cycling training in unsupported mode (without support);
• to have experience in GPS navigation;
• to be in possession of all the necessary material (emergency kit) to participate in this Event;
• that you have checked the condition of your bike through a complete overhaul of the vehicle with particular reference to the braking system;
• to be aware of my obligation to comply with the local Traffic Regulation, in particular by paying attention to the equipment dedicated to lighting;
• that I am aware of my obligation to wear a rigid and duly approved protective helmet, during and for the entire duration of the Challange;
• to have undergone a medical examination for competitive cycling;
• to have presented to the O.C. a certificate of fitness for the practice of competitive cycling issued by a Sports Medicine Center pursuant to Ministerial Decree 18/02/1982 and / or Ministerial Decree 26/04/2013;
• not to use doping, drugs or medicinal substances that could alter performance or create dangerous situations for oneself or for others;
• to be fully aware that the Organiser's role is never to assist me or to manage my difficulties even in the event of technical, physical or mental problems;
• to be aware that there is no recovery service for retired people, nor are there any obligations on the part of the organizers to search for participants on the route;
• to be aware that the organizing ASD Ultrabiking Sardinia is not a professional organizing body, but it acts only for recreational purposes and not for financial purposes (1174 Civil Code) and that therefore participation in the Ultrabiking Sardinia 790 cycling event always takes place for free choice and for playful purposes, in any case not for financial purposes. It therefore follows that A.S.D. The aforementioned organizer is free from, and in any case indemnified, from any liability related to the Ultrabiking Sardinia 790 cycling excursion. It is also indemnified from any liability regarding eventualities that occurred to the cyclist such as: accidents, loss of the route, physical problems, theft etc. It therefore follows that the Ultrabiking Sardinia 790 cycling Event is intended as a mere spontaneous and independent meeting and participation of cyclists and amateurs on free and personal excursion.
• to renounce taking any legal action for any reason against UltraBiking Sardinia Asd, recognizing that it is a non-professional association that acts for recreational purposes without requirements pursuant to Article 1174 of the Civil Code;
• gives consent to the use of your personal data, including for commercial purposes, as required by the privacy law 196 of 30/06/2003 and by the European Union Privacy Regulation 2017/679 (GDPR / 18).
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